JavaScript object literal look a lot like database table records, And wrapping a group of javascript objects up in an array gives you something that looks a lot like a database table. jDB is created out of Javascript Objects to produce result with a uniform and familiar SQL-like interface.

Using jDB in your application help reduces development time, improves performance, simplifies maintenance, and increases quality.

Why use jDB

  • Extremely fast
  • Powerful JavaScript-centric data selection engine
  • SQL inspired features such as insert, update, unique, count, and more
  • Import and export data (JSON,csv and html) format
  • Synchronize and replicate Data on the fly using jSync Algorithm
  • cross browser support
  • Easy to extend with your own functions
  • Compatible with any DOM library
  • Access your DB anywhere in the world
  • Bundled with Private and Public APIS
Using npm
npm install jelidb
or cdn[version]